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HOA 1120-H for MA

  • 28 Apr 2022 11:12 AM
    Message # 12758937

    I have a client who has created an HOA -- for his condo rentals. My question is what are the MA rules for the 1120-H.  This condo association only has exempt income from the condo fees.  So we file an 1120-H for the federal with exempt income federally.  My confusion is for MA..  This is their 2nd year filing this form but my first year doing it.. -- the 1st year was done by another tax preparer and the clients never filed a return for MA..   

    When I called MASS DOR, they informed me that if the client had only exempt income, they did not have to file for MA... Is this correct?  Because when I do the return in my Drake software, its saying that this has to be electronically filed with an excise fee to the state -- for the  HOA... 

    Are there any written guidelines on the state web site.?  I've checked out the MA DOR but haven't found anything that is clearly stated.  

    Just want to make sure clients get this done correctly.

    Appreciate any help!

    Mary Bellia

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