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This Is Your Time To shine!

2 Apr 2020 11:35 AM | MaSEA Staff (Administrator)

As trusted financial professionals, you are among the people that your clients should look to for guidance. None of us has a crystal ball or can promise an outcome, but comforting words, support, and suggestions are helpful. 

Here are some things you can do:

  1. For clients that have lost their jobs or their business is shut down, offer to defer their payment to you. Not every tax preparer can afford this, but many can. Many of us get most of our income for the year right now, so spreading it out isn't that big of a deal. 
  2. Send emails to your clients with helpful information like:
    1. RMD's are waived for 2020.
    2. Tax returns and payments are now due on July 15th instead of April 15th, but you probably want your refund! You can file now and still delay payment until July. 
    3. June 15th estimated taxes are still due on June 15th.
    4. When the IRS releases information about providing bank accounts for stimulus checks, share with your clients.
  3. Help your small business clients that need loans by providing documentation and support. Delay billing them for a while. 
  4. Support your local businesses. 
  5. Shut down any conversations from high income people looking for ways to "manipulate" the system and get the stimulus money. 
  6. Contact friends and clients that you know live alone or are likely to be struggling financially or mentally. Just a hello and some kind words go a long way. Also, make sure they aren't in need of food or medicine. 

Those who shine during hard times are remembered. We are professionals and one great way to show why we are better than DIY tax software is to be a provider of information and support. 

Be Safe, Be Healthy, and Be Kind!

Beth Logan

MaSEA President

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