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Nando Pellegrino Reflects On MaSEA's Thirsty Thursdays!

17 Dec 2020 1:12 PM | MaSEA Staff (Administrator)

Hello fellow Members! Happy Holidays from all of us at the MASEA Board! What a year! We have had ups and downs, some sadness and some joy! As the year comes to an end, I wanted to reflect on how technology has helped us keep in touch with our families, each other, and clients. Zoom, seems to be the saving grace this year, as technology moves us forward into the 21st Century! Netflix entertained some of us, others learned new hobbies like playing a guitar or some of us read awesome books.

Thank you front line workers for being there for us! I personally have family that put their lives at risk every day to make the world a safer place for us. Where would we be without these brave folks?

I want to say that Thirsty Thursdays have been a success for the last three months. Once a month we get to spend a little time together and meet each other and I have enjoyed meeting members, who I may not have had the chance to meet otherwise.

The Zoom Thirsty Thursdays have allowed people from across Massachusetts to meet other members and talk about interesting topics. We get together on Zoom in a casual atmosphere. You can drink from the safety of your own home and not worry about driving. We have had exciting conversations about cats, dogs, employees, kids, vacations, and shared many war stories about clients. Some of these stories might even make great material for standup comedians or sitcoms. It is not just business as usual, it’s a relaxing social event.

I invite you all to join us in the new year to discover what Thirsty Thursday is all about. Once again, I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Great New Year! 

Please remember to stay positive and test negative!!!!!

- Ferdinand Pellegrino, 1rst VP, MaSEA

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