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  • 2 Feb 2022 10:38 AM | MaSEA Staff (Administrator)

    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts recently issued a proclamation, which states that February 4, 2022 is officially Massachusetts Society of Enrolled Agents Day. 

    The proclamation briefly states the history of the profession of enrolled agents, dating back to the Civil War, as well as the importance of enrolled agents to society. 

    You can view the complete proclamation below.

  • 21 Dec 2021 9:01 AM | MaSEA Staff (Administrator)

    2021 NAEA Award Recipients





    If you have ever been to an MaSEA event you have met this recipient. As a past president of MaSEA and nominating, education, 1040 update, SEE Prep, membership committee member he wears all the hats. He has mentored so many people, myself included, He’ll find every member in every corner of the state to get them involved and feel welcomed!  He heads up roundtable meetings for small groups, picnic gatherings during Covid to tell us about Child Tax credits, a Cable TV show on CAPE COD TV, he’s an asset to the Low-income tax clinics in MA. Did I mention state tax issues, he’ll show you how to contact your legislatures and what bill to write them about, how to get the MA proclamation for Enrolled Agent Day. A new hot topic, like QBI John held several small classes to teach us all about it, I’ve never seen anyone get so excited about teaching us all this fun stuff! He will make sure to connect you with the Taxpayer Advocates, the IRS liaison monthly calls etc.

    See The Rest Of The NAEA And Recipients Below


    LuSundra is a military spouse from VA. She became an EA in 2017, she is an NTPI fellow, has served on the VASEA since 2018 and is currently a member of the NAEA membership committee. Evidently, she is famous for her Facebook live videos on tax tidbits and her social media presence on FB and YouTube. I wish I had met her when she was a member of MaSEA.


    Kerry has been the Public Relations chair for AZ for the past 15 years, and for NAEA for the past 5 years. He was the first to fly a banner over the Super Bowl in 2015. In 2016 Kerry started a campaign for each affiliate to solicit a proclamation from their state leaders about the importance of Enrolled Agents at the state level, 19 states participated. In 2019 he got the National Day Calendar to recognize February as Enrolled Agent month. He is currently a Director for NAEA.


    This next EA does it all! She has been volunteering for over 20 years at the local chapter, state affiliate and for NAEA. She has been a Director, Education Chair, Vice President, President and Secretary at various levels. She has been on the Government Relations Committee, Leadership Development Committee etc. She mentors, teaches and encourages leaders in various programs throughout our organization. Cynthia is currently the Secretary for NAEA.


    This young lady works diligently to provide the best education possible. Her technical knowledge, materials and extensive research ensure that NTPI is the best program for practitioners to learn about representation. She and the subcommittee have worked extensively to develop a new NTPI program that will have a long-term impact on the quality of NAEA education. When she is not teaching or planning, she is answering questions on the Webboard or FB.


    This recipient has held many positions in NAEA.  As our Government Relations Chair, with little GR experience, she went above and beyond facing some unusual circumstances. First the pandemic shutdown, then the Minnesota legal issue, a new GR manager was hired. She was able to “keep the ship afloat” by adapting virtually to make sure all the bases were covered. When the IRS or the Government Accountability Office requested input, she was quick to respond and keep NAEA in the unique position as a trusted partner in the tax administration. OPR requested NAEA assistance in their process of revising Circular 230, she represented NAEA in those interactions adding to recognition of NAEA. All while serving on the NAEA board and the newly formed PAC Board.


    This next recipient has served many different positions in NAEA. He has been on several committees and task forces over the years, His knowledge of the association, collaborative work on committees and willingness to share and support his fellow EA’s in leadership roles has left his mark.  His most notable contribution is his work in helping to form the PAC. He kept it moving forward by choosing a great leader and mentoring them through the process. As I’ve learned in SSLA, part of being a good leader is to find your replacement sooner rather than later!

    Congrats to all of the NAEA Award recipients!

    Marilyn Brodeur

    2nd Vice President, MaSEA

  • 22 Nov 2021 12:33 PM | MaSEA Staff (Administrator)

    Leslie Book in ProcedurallyTaxing.com picked up on a hot issue that often comes before our Area Practitioner Stakeholder Liaisons. ENQ is a phone service that predials IRS phone lines and holds a place in the queue for its subscribers. Critics complain that this service contributes to clogged IRS phone access. Les mentions that US Senators Warner, Young, Menendez & Cassidy have contacted IRS Commissioner Rettig to assess the service.

    You can download the letter by click the link below.

    Senators IRS Letter re Call EnQ (11_18_2021).pdf

  • 27 Sep 2021 10:24 AM | MaSEA Staff (Administrator)


    FY22 Monthly Continuing Education (Topics And Speakers Are Subject To Change)

    • Oct 21Interactive Class on Partnership Basis with Alan Pinck, EA
    • Nov. 181041 Trusts Returns with Michael Miranda, CPA
    • Dec. 16 —  Fixing Businesses — Form 3115 and Misclassified Employees with AJ Reynolds, EA
    • Jan. 20Cryptocurrency with Beth Logan, EA
    • Feb 17Taxpayer Advocate with Bob Allen
    • March 17Share Shop with Joyce Mohr, EA and Terry Durkin, EA
    • April 21Kids! Kiddie Tax and College tuition/scholarship with Bill Nemeth and Beth Logan
    • May 19Ethics (details TBD)
  • 9 Aug 2021 9:49 AM | MaSEA Staff (Administrator)

    The folks at Krumsiek & Associations, P.C. are hiring for the following positions: 

    Office Assistant/Client Service Specialist


    Senior Tax Accountant


    Tax Accountant



    Matthew P. Krumsiek, EA


    Krumsiek & Associates, P.C.

    Metro Boston Office

    327 Union Avenue STE 300
    Framingham, MA 01702

    Metro West Office
    112 Turnpike Road STE 110
    Westborough, MA 01581


    (508)532-8544 | Phone
    (508)969-2845 | Fax


  • 5 May 2021 4:26 PM | MaSEA Staff (Administrator)

    Speaking at the MaSEA Annual Meeting on June 10th is Nina Olson, yes you read that correctly. Nina Olson, the taxpayer team leader for about 20 years as US Taxpayer Advocate, author of The Taxpayer Rights, promoter of the Taxpayer First Act, an annual fixture before Congress to critique the IRS, and a former tax preparer. Her last almost 1,000 page Congressional report, (the Purple Book), contained several dozens of recommendations to strengthen Taxpayer Rights and Improve Tax Administration. EA’s Sharon Kay Flynn and Nancy Goedecke will moderate a panel discussion. Nancy first shared the stage with Nina in 1998 as a NAEA representative at an IRS Conference in Atlanta. Sharon has worked directly with Nina for decades.

    This discussion and presentation is priceless. That’s right; there is no fee. Those attending Annual Meeting are automatically registered. Those who want access just to the Nina Olson portion of the program agree to accept one low income tax clinic case as part of the New England EA LITC Pro Bono group.  MaSEA has organized fifty enrolled agents to assist low income tax clinics in ME, NH, VT, RI and MA.

    For more about Nina Olson since her retirement, visit www.Taxpayer-Rights.org

    For more about the June 10th program, stay tuned to upcoming MaSEA emails and the homepage at MaSEAOnline.org

  • 7 Apr 2021 12:50 PM | MaSEA Staff (Administrator)

    Every practitioner who works international tax issues should attend this two day international program. Originally scheduled for Athens, the conference has been modified to become a zoom broadcast. Next year the international tax conference will be hosted by the Harvard Law School. The 2021 conference theme is Quality Tax Audits & Protection of Fundamental Taxpayer Rights.

    Registration is now open for the 5th International Conference on Taxpayer Rights, which will be held over three days, on May 26 to 28, 2021. You can access the agenda here.

    You can register for the conference here.


  • 23 Mar 2021 2:00 PM | MaSEA Staff (Administrator)

    On Tuesday, March 23, MaSEA held a 30-minute MA DOR Zoominar featuring MA DOR Taxpayer Advocate Dana Ackerman. Ackerman provided some clarity as to where individual tax filing requirements stand and insight to possible developments of tax changes. Below are some highlights from the presentation. You can also access a recording of the presentation by clicking here and using the Passcode: pHAj9?hs

    Highlights From The Presentation:

    • Pending legislation in MA statehouse. $10,200 is mirrored but limited to 200% of poverty level. More on the definition of poverty level will come. If passed, MA DOR is hoping that they can handle the change of already filed returns and not require amended returns (at least most of those changes). Also, it includes penalty waivers if related to unemployment. NOT LAW YET – watch MaSEA email blasts. Watch MA DOR website.
    • Legislation is also looking to exclude PPP forgiven loans. NOT LAW YET.
    • DOR is following the May 17 date for Form 1 resident and non-resident. Just like the IRS, the other returns including Trust and Corporations are still due with their original date. 
    • If client files between April 15 and May 17, then applies refund to 2021, will this be a late Q1 estimate or not? More to come...
    • Unemployment on Sch. 1 of federal return can be reduced by contributions to PFML and/or unemployment (there are states where the employee contributes to unemployment as well). MA DOR will be releasing information about this. It looks like this reduction is not allowed in MA but the instructions cause confusion. More to come!
    • If you send questions about pending legislation the MA DOR will not have an answer and won't comment until it is passed and signed. To send other tax-related questions use TaxProFeedback@DOR.state.MA.US.
    • MA DOR will ask Software vendors to allow electronic return payments until May 17.

    You will find the FAQs at Mass.gov/DOR

  • 9 Mar 2021 9:08 AM | MaSEA Staff (Administrator)

    The Massachusetts Society of Enrolled Agents appreciates the recent clarification on PPP loan taxation that was released by the General Court of Massachusetts. MaSEA has been actively working with the Beacon Hill to pass PPP Conformity over the last six months. The issue gained traction last month when the MA Society of CPA’s put its weight into the effort. Legislation is expected to be enacted by July 31st. Read the full release below.

    Statement from Senate President Karen E. Spilka, Speaker of the House Ronald Mariano, Senate Ways & Means Chair Michael J. Rodrigues and House Ways & Means Chair Aaron Michlewitz

    “The Senate and House have reached agreement on a bill to help workers and employers jumpstart our nascent recovery as we begin to slowly emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. This agreement strikes a balance to ensure that businesses can continue to move forward while protecting those working hard to keep the economy going. Time is of the essence to bring this much needed relief to businesses and employees, and so we will act expeditiously to get this comprehensive bill to the Governor’s desk. 

    While businesses require our support to weather this economic storm, our employees need help too. We have agreed to provide targeted tax relief to unemployed workers whose income falls below 200 percent of the poverty line. We also recognize that many are navigating our Unemployment Insurance (UI) system for the first time, and so we have agreed to waive penalties for missed tax payments on UI benefits received in 2020. 

    To help protect employees on the front lines—and to help prevent the further spread of COVID-19—we are making sure all employees have access to paid leave if they are unable to work because they get infected with the coronavirus, are ordered to quarantine, or need to take time off to get the vaccine. In tandem with federal legislation, this state response will ensure employees have access to paid leave and employers are reimbursed for such costs. We believe this will provide a necessary and crucial safety net for the employees, especially essential workers, who have shown up every day to keep our economy and communities running throughout this public health crisis. 

    Finally, the bill will prevent increases in the UI rate schedule for 2021 and 2022, providing employers with needed stability and relief as the Commonwealth continues to recover. The agreement also allows for state borrowing, secured by a temporary employer assessment, to ensure the solvency of the UI trust fund. In addition to UI relief, to help many small businesses and employers who received PPP loans to stay afloat and save jobs, we have agreed to conform to the current federal tax code to exclude forgiven PPP loans from gross income for small businesses organized as pass-through entities.” 

    Click here to access a PDF of the release.
  • 17 Dec 2020 1:12 PM | MaSEA Staff (Administrator)

    Hello fellow Members! Happy Holidays from all of us at the MASEA Board! What a year! We have had ups and downs, some sadness and some joy! As the year comes to an end, I wanted to reflect on how technology has helped us keep in touch with our families, each other, and clients. Zoom, seems to be the saving grace this year, as technology moves us forward into the 21st Century! Netflix entertained some of us, others learned new hobbies like playing a guitar or some of us read awesome books.

    Thank you front line workers for being there for us! I personally have family that put their lives at risk every day to make the world a safer place for us. Where would we be without these brave folks?

    I want to say that Thirsty Thursdays have been a success for the last three months. Once a month we get to spend a little time together and meet each other and I have enjoyed meeting members, who I may not have had the chance to meet otherwise.

    The Zoom Thirsty Thursdays have allowed people from across Massachusetts to meet other members and talk about interesting topics. We get together on Zoom in a casual atmosphere. You can drink from the safety of your own home and not worry about driving. We have had exciting conversations about cats, dogs, employees, kids, vacations, and shared many war stories about clients. Some of these stories might even make great material for standup comedians or sitcoms. It is not just business as usual, it’s a relaxing social event.

    I invite you all to join us in the new year to discover what Thirsty Thursday is all about. Once again, I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Great New Year! 

    Please remember to stay positive and test negative!!!!!

    - Ferdinand Pellegrino, 1rst VP, MaSEA

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